Saturday, June 30, 2012

Just a thought...

Don't name drop. Don't swear every other word. Don't look around and talk louder to see who's attention you have. Don't be mean to people to act cool. Don't lie or cheat. Don't open your legs to any guy who's good with words and boys, don't get it in with anyone with a nice rack.  Don't wear 10 pounds of make up to hide a beautiful face and insecure person. Don't change yourself for anyone. Of course there is going to be the people who can't stand you, but that's only because they don't know how to handle anyone who's real. There's no need to try to stand out and grab everyone's attention becuase if you are who you are, just walking into a room will turn heads. You don't need to look like Angelina or be as skinny as Jennifer Aniston- there's something about confidence, genuine happiness, and raw beauty that attracts everyone. It'll take you the farthest in your life, so don't settle for someone who's just cute or who's just nice- be with someone who's not afraid to ride the journey with you at the lowest lows and the highest highs. Who can help you overcome any struggle, past or present, but don't grow dependent on them. If you can't love yourself and accept who you are, no one can do the same for you.


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