Monday, August 13, 2012

Case of the Mondays?

Well if you do, here's 10 beauty tips to help the week get nothing but better :)

1. If you do have eye wrinkles (which almost everyone does at some point in their lives), stay away from shimmery eye shadows. They can often emphasize the wrinkles. I would suggest staying to matte shadows if possible.

2. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS put on a top coat after finishing your nails. If you don't, it will dull in color so much faster and your nail polish will chip pretty much the next day.  I love Sally Hansen's but OPI is also a good one. Oh, and if you're doing a lot of house work with chemicals, sprays, even washing the dishes, it's a pretty good idea to use gloves not only to save your nails, but to keep them from becoming brittle and drying out your hands.

3. On Yahoo!, I read that they say you should only wash your face with product once a day because it can strip moisture. I don't necessarily agree with it so I tweaked it a little bit:
             At night, wash your face with your heavier product or prescribed topical medication (Proactiv, X-Out, Any 3 step acne wash, Epiduro, etc) and in the morning, use a light face wash. Favorites include Neutrogena and Biore but I actually LOVE the Simply brand.

4. Never pluck your eyebrows too thin. If you do, go to a threading place to get them reshaped nicely and don't touch them until you go back to the threading place and get them done one more time. Too thin of eyebrows can age your face by 10 years.

5. Enough people don't cleanse their makeup brushes. Even if you barely use them, wash them once a week. Yahoo! suggested a few drops of shampoo and washing them through thoroughly, then laying them on a paper towel to dry over night.

6. Try not to put such harsh chemicals on your skin. Our skin absorbs everything so even the simplest things like drawing on your hands to the most extreme like putting a "go away cellulite" cream, and then a wrinkle cream, and then an anti aging cream at once are going to do nothing but hurt.

7. I'm not one of these type of people but if you are and you go for airbrush tans, don't put on moisturizer or lotion on after you get it done until 7 or 8 hours after. Don't ask me why but I know it has something to do with mixing with the DHA's.

8. Skip glycolics or retinoids - ingredients found in many acne treatments and anti-aging products - at least three days beforehand if you're getting a facial area waxed. These ingredients cause cells to turnover faster, making skin more sensitive and wax more apt to pull off a layer," says Lidia Tivichi, a clinical esthetician and founder of Maris Dusan Spa in New York City.

9. With laser hair removal, it's best to shave right before going because if you have stuble or longer hair, it will just hurt during the process.

10. NEVER EVER EVER  put vaseline on your face as a moisturizer. It clogs pores an although it leaves your face feeling like a baby's bottom, it also feels oily and is terrible for your skin. For the same baby's bottoms effect but just not oily or terrible for your skin, I would suggest a hydration moisturizer or a hydration mask once a week or every other week.

much love,

Friday, August 10, 2012

I cross my heart and hope to die I only stay with you one more night...

Totally loving this ensemble and felt a bit edgy today.  I love the embellishment on the top of the bustier. Still have to upload some of the pics from the past photo shoot that I promised but I'm waiting to get back the CD. Thanks for being patient! :) Mwahhh.

p.s. song of the day "one more night by maroon 5"


Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Unfortunately, the picture makes me look lighter than I am but summers tan hasn't faded yet and I'm going to miss this summer so much :(

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Green Laterns

It's become an epidemic in Hollywood and I love it :)


One of the major fashion obsessions of the summer (that I hope continue throughout the fall) is the color peach. On the runway, Chloe wore it as a skirt and paired it with a white tank, a nude belt, and red loafers. Not my favorite way to make the look but here are my suggestions on which colors work the best with it.

1. Corals
2. Silvers
3. Champagnes/Nudes
4. Lavenders

Much love,


I f***ING love this razor! I honestly have never had a better razor in my life. No shaving cream is needed and its so soft, no razor burns or bumps! Even though it is a bit pricey, its worth it! Oh and hi :)


Sunday, August 5, 2012


We went out Friday night and this is what came of the end of the night at 430 in the morning at Meijer

Much love, Talia